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welcome to my site =o)


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                the girls :)


danielle : oh god.. 13 years and counting..... your crazy, and i love it.. haha your def. my fav. haha ive known you forver.. and your like my friken sister now! your always there for me and im ALWAYS there for you.. we've been through it all: thick & thin, cold & hard ;) .. haha we've got the funiest mems.. YO MAMA.. i love you like mme viau loves to eat.. i love you like a bulimic kid loves to throw up.. haha god.. im an idiot..oh well :).. haha thanks for everything .. i'm always there for you.. xo we tight since we todlers ;o) » best friends for life :)..


alaina : oh my god.. your insane and i love you .. haha .. we have awsome times  !! im here for you 10%... wait.. thats not right 100%!!!!! haha.. oops.. give me five !! i fall off the bed.. haha yeah high fives with our feet =D * cause were cool.. we spent like 10 minutes moo-ing, cawww-ing, and like bahhh-ing ! ... " he wants his cawwwwwwwwwwwww...K up his a-a-a-a-a-a-sssssssssssssssss ! " .. haha... balaina & balewy.. haha.. thanks for everything.. im always there for you .. xoxo best friends for ever..
bf4RYCE ;o)


linds : you've always been there and ill always be there for you.. we have hte funiest times together...  all our hot tubs this summer, it was cool, jeeze ;) .. at my house.. look lindsay hot guys outside.. " RENÉE THATS JAKE!!" lmao.. my cousin.. bring her down. no.. please, no.. comon NO.. haha ! that was funny.. im sucha  retard sometimes.. our 25 min. walk with you and danielle .. hahah i was just like 10 mins late.. haha.. IM GONNA SNAP.. like a twig ;).. god . your def. the nicest person ever.. thanks for everything.. xo best friends forever *


nadia : your def. the funniest person ever.... stand in line NERD.. MAN DOWNNN... hahah that night at alaina's we set up a frigen tent.. welll you two did..  hah... halloween were rock stars baby !  haha... your birthday was so fun ! code red on code dyke.. ppssttttt over.. hah, i love you more then liffe ! your one of the nicest people ever.. i frigen love you !  we make the best team for projects.. haha ohh yeahh .. im always here for you no matter what !! xoxo best friends for ever !